Video | J. Krishnamurti – London 1967, Group Discussion 3.2, What are we educated for?

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – LO67DSG3.2 – London 1967, Small Group Discussion 3.2, What are we educated for?

What do we mean by education?

Is the purpose of life just to become a factory worker, a professor in a university?

It is tremendously important to find out what we are training a child for before we train him.

Is life meant to be survival at any price or is life something of such immense significance which demands freedom first?

The individual is conditioned by the state and culture, but man is much more than the individual.

Do I look at myself as an individual or as a human being?

Is there a school that treats each child as a human being?

What am I living for?

The mind has to investigate why it refuses to see something deadly. Is it afraid of change, afraid of what might happen after?

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