Audio | J. Krishnamurti & Scientists – Brockwood 1974, Seminars – 12: Cooperation and action not…

J. Krishnamurti & Scientists – Brockwood 1974, Seminars – 12: Cooperation and action not based on ideals

Participants: J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm, David Butt, Fritjof Capra, Elizabeth Ferris, Gordan Globus, Mrs Globus, Bryan Goodwin, Basil Hiley, Julian Melzack, Robin Monro, David Peat, Karl Pribram, David Shainberg, George Sudarshan, Harsh Tanka, Montague Ullma.

K: The self, a series of words, a structure of ideas, prejudices, conclusions, attachments, ambition, greed, arrogance, hurts, can be ended by being free now.

K: Is there is an action which is not based on an ideal or concept?

K: How do we cooperate in solving a problem?

K: How can students understand the observer and the observed? Instead, I say let’s talk about cooperation and see if you can cooperate with affection, care and attention.

Fritjof Capra: This seems to imply your presence at the same point, at the same time and with the same frame of mind.

David Bohm: The deeper question is whether we have this causeless feeling which creates a common action.

K: Is there an action without a formula? This may be the solution to our problems. Find out; don’t oppose it.

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