Audio | J. Krishnamurti with David Bohm – 1980 – Stepping out of the stream of consciousness

Audio | J. Krishnamurti with David Bohm – Brockwood Park 1980 – Small Group Discussion -Stepping out of the stream of consciousness

Our brains are not personal; the brain has evolved through millennia and is the brain of mankind.

Is our individuality a tradition, an illusion, narrowing the enormous mind of human beings to a little self?

The content makes consciousness. If there is no content, consciousness would be totally different.

Does the transformation of one human being affect the rest of mankind?

Is it possible to step out of this stream, to die to this?

The man who has died to the stream has a totally different action on the consciousness.

You cannot transform me; transformation must take place within the brain.

Is it at all possible to move away from the content, not to modify it?

Stepping out of the stream is not a reward.

Is it possible to transform, have total insight into the whole structure of the brain?

Is it possible to end time?

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