Enlightened Mystic Krishnamurti – Being Hurt and Hurting Others

This is the eleventh conversation between Krishnamurti and Dr. Allan W. Anderson in San Diego, California,1974.

Question in this talks:

What is a religious life? The word “religion” means gathering together all energy at all levels so that it will bring about great attention. Can the mind be so totally attentive that the unnameable comes into being?

What is the quality, structure, nature of a mind and therefore of a heart and brain that can perceive something beyond the measurement of thought something that is not only sacred and holy in itself but that is capable of seeing something immense? In discussing religion we ought to enquire into the nature of hurt because a mind that is not hurt is an innocent mind. Can our hurts be healed so that not a mark is left and can future hurts be prevented, without any resistance?

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