J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm – Ojai 1981 – Group Discussion – Computers, thought and insight

J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm – Ojai 1981 – Group Discussion – Computers, thought and insight

If the computer can do the things thought can do, what happens to man?

A human being may have the capacity for insight; the computer has not because it’s programmed by the human mind which is itself limited.

Insight may take place in absolute silence.

A perception in which there is no division as perceiver and perceived.

Does the mechanical process of thinking ever stop or is the brain is perpetually occupied?

The brain is infinite; it’s not your brain or my brain; it’s not personal.

From a new perception you can go on to reason, but if you start from logic you are starting from what you know, which is fundamentally wrong.

Once you have insight, thought can operate logically.

Insight is non-mechanical.

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